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About Us and Our Team

Orthopaedic Innovation Limited was founded in 2006 and grew out the success of our original Biotechnology company. Under the vision of the management team, who have over 26 years in the International Orthopaedic field, it was a natural progression to use this knowledge and experience to create an Orthopaedic division to work alongside our Biotechnology products. Since 2008 the Orthopaedic Innovation Limited brand has been the sole focus, growing at a fast rate as distributors throughout the world seek out a company that can provide quality products and flexible pricing options, all combined with a UK-based CE-marked manufacturer.

Our department heads and their contact details are:

Stephen Fox - CEO and Managing Director


As mentioned above Stephen is vastly experienced in the medical field and in particular in Orthopaedics, working for various multinational companies including Johnson & Johnson, United States Surgical Corporation, Anago Inc., Joint Replacement and Instrumentation (JRI) Ltd and Zynergy Orthopaedics Limited. He has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia and the United States during his career, and has dealt with markets throughout the world, giving him a wealth of experience in the global orthopaedic market. Since leaving the multinational arena he has successfully established a number of companies based in the medical and orthopaedic fields.


Helene Haythorne - Financial Controller

Helene joined Orthopaedic Innovation Limited in April 2010 after working for Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as an Inspector of Taxes. She has over 20 years experience in this field and handles every aspect of Orthopaedic Innovation Limited's financial management.

Contact Helene at


Jane Fox - Logistics Manager


Jane has been with Orthopaedic Innovation Limited since its creation and her knowledge of the International medical market and the distributors with which we work around the world is vital to our customer support. Jane also co-ordinates our customer service team, our presence at worldwide exhibitions and much of her time is spent on travel itineraries for Orthopaedic Innovation Limited's sales team.


Contact Jane at


Richard Haythorne - QA and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Richard joined Orthopaedic Innovation Limited in 2010 and takes responsibility for all the company's QA and Regulatory Affairs.

Contact Richard at


Hugh McLarnon - Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland Representative and Distributor

Hugh handles all our sales and distribution in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.











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