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Archived News from Orthopaedic Innovation Ltd:


October 2009 - Orthopaedic Innovation would like to say a big thank you all those who visited their booth at the recent 45th AfPP Congress in Harrogate, the show was a tremendous success for Orthopaedic Innovation and we were overwhelmed by the response to all our products in particular our new and innovative range of single use disposable power tools. If you were unable to attend the show and would like a representative to get in touch with you please call us on 01909 550869.


October 2009 - Our new disposables catalogue is now available to download, this features all our Orthopaedic surgical single-use items in one handy catalogue, including our Pulse Lavage, Power Tools and Blades, Bone Cement and Mixing System and Cement Spacers. Click here to view the brochure.


August - As well as Medica (below), Orthopaedic Innovation Limited are proud to be exhibiting at the upcoming AfPP (formerly NATN) Congress in Harrogate from the 12th-15th October 2009, stand number M127 in Hall M. Orthopaedic Innovation are pleased to be using it's 25 years of experience in the International medical field to provide the National Health Service and British Healthcare Providers with the highest quality, most innovative and cost-effective orthopaedic products and devices. We will be using the Harrogate congress as our introduction to the UK market.


August 2009 - Orthopaedic Innovation Limited are now please to confirm their stand at the upcoming Medica show in Dusseldorf from the 18th - 21st November 2009. Orthopaedic Innovation will be exhibiting under the 'Medsmart Solutions Limited' family of companies and we can be visited on the UK Pavilion Stand Number 16F22-4. We would like to take the opportunity to invite current customers to our stand and also invite anyone interested in our vast range of products to visit - Click here for more details.


August 2009 - Orthopaedic Innovation Limited is extremely proud and excited to be able to announce the launch of its range of 'Smartpower™' surgical power tools, a revolutionary concept in power equipment as they are single use, completely disposable, pre-sterilized, ready to use surgical power tools. For more information click here to view our brochure.


July 2009 - We are pleased to announce that the updated version of our spinal brochure, complete with several of our new spinal products, is now available to view and download in our products section. This brochure features many of our new spinal products as featured in the news articles below, including our Smartspine™ system, Smartcage™ PEEK cages and our range of Interspinal Spacers, the Smartspacers™.


July 2009 - Orthopaedic Innovation Limited are proud to announce that we have secured the commercialisation rights to a unique spinal system which has been developed by a group of leading European surgeons. The Smartspine™ system has excellent clinical results and is extremely well documented. We are preparing to launch this exciting new system in the United States along with many other countries around the world. To register your interest in this system please contact us and one of our sales representatives will be in touch.


July 2009 - We are pleased to have updated our Biotechnology brochure and it is now available to download in our products section. This brochure has been updated with many new products such as our Smartpulse™ pulse lavage, bone cement mixing system and our new spacers, but is now available in a much smaller file size for easier downloading.


July 2009 - Our new Revision Hip Spacer range has just been extended to include an XL Revision Spacer with a 250mm stem.


June 2009 - Our new range of UK-manufactured, double-packed sterile taps, drills and pins are now available. Telephone us on +44 (0)1909 550869 for more information.

May 2009 - Orthopaedic Innovations, a Medsmart Solutions family member is proud to introduce it's new Smartpulse™ pulse lavage wound debridement system (below) as part of our complete femoral canal preparation kit.

The Smartpulse is designed for use in total joint procedures, cemented, press-fit or revisions. It is a versatile, light weight, single-use system supplied in a double sterile pack and includes two tips. The unit combines convenience and power for the removal of necrotic tissue, bacteria and foreign material whilst providing controlled pressure for efficient cleansing and irrigation.

Click here to view the Smartpulse™ brochure

Our new Smartpulse Pulse Lavage system

Our femoral canal preparation kit also includes our Mixocem™ Cement Application System, Fixocem™ bone cement and Bioplugs™ cement plugs.

March 2009 - In conjunction with our launch of the Smartcage™ we are also pleased to introduce a new range of Interspinal Spacers, the Smartspacers™.


March 2009 - We are pleased to introduce a new range of Smartcage™ PEEK cages. These cages are available as Titanium, PEEK or we are also able to produce them out of human bone through our range of Demineralised Bone Matrix exclusively offered by Biovision Medical, a further Medsmart Solutions family member.


October 2008 - We have moved to new corporate headquarters

Medsmart Solutions, of which Orthopaedic Innovation Limited is a company family member, is proud to be able to announce it's move to new corporate headquarters In Sheffield, United Kingdom. The move to these premises was required to meet the expanding needs of the company and the new premises are ideally suited to the growth of the company and feature on-site manufacturing facilities within the same business location. Medsmart's New European Headquarters


















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