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Our SmartHip™ Range of Primary Hip Implants


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The SmartHip™  SPT is a high quality prosthesis that can be used for all the classical indications of total hip arthroplasty such as primary or secondary hip osteoarthritis, rheumatic coxitis, avascular necroses and broken femoral neck.


The SPT follows the philosophy of Orthopaedic Innovation to offer clinically proven designs to our International distributors.


The grit blasted stem of the SPT is made of titanium alloy according to ASTM F136/ISO 5832-3 by forging. The titanium raw material shows excellent biocompatibility features with its elasticity module closest to that of real bone, whilst also offering high fatigue strength.


When used in conjunction with cancellous bone grafts this prosthesis is a very efficient alternative, especially in revision surgery when the available bone amount is limited and cement usage is not appropriate. It can also be supplied with a hydroxyapatite (HA) coating if required, a finish which has superior osteoconductive features that accelerates bone growth on the stem.


Sizes Available:

Size (mm) Length (mm)

Product Code

(HA Coated)

Product Code (Uncoated)
7 142.5 OI00262 OI00254
8 146.5 OI00263



150 OI00264


10 153.5 OI00265 OI00257
11.25 158 OI00266 OI00258
12.5 162.5 OI00267 OI00259
15 171.5 OI00268 OI00260


180.5 OI00269




SmartHip™ SPT Instrument Set:

SmartHip SPT Instrument Set

Includes: Modular Rasps (7, 8, 9, 10, 11.25 and 12.5 mm), Medullary Reamer, Modular Rasp Handle, Rasp Bar, 3 Test Heads Ø 28mm (S, M and L), Gauge for Femoral Head, Repositioning Lever, Repositioning Lever Synthetic Top, Repositioning Top, Stem Impactor, Femoral Head extractor, Spoon Curette, Curette, Guj Curette, Straight Chisel, Curved Chisel, 2 Hohmann Retractors (I and II).
Product Code: OI00270



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