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BioKnee™ and BioHip™ Spacers


Our Hip and Knee BioSpacers™ are innovative and highly effective devices designed to help overcome arthroplastic infections, whilst maintaining mobility and quality of life for the patient. These temporary, implantable devices incorporate Gentamicin and are used to provide a replacement for a joint prosthesis which has been removed as a result of a septic process.


Our Knee Spacers are now available in right or left for best fit and results

Hip Spacers: Muller-type (left) and Charnley-type (right)


↓ Knee Spacers in left and right fitting

Orthopaedic Innovation Knee Spacers

The Spacers are made from Orthopaedic Innovation Bone Cement and the Spacer itself is reinforced with a Stainless Steel (316L) insert to enhance strength. Their other key features are:



Effective in-situ release of high local antibiotic dosage, with reduced systemic effects.


Homogenous distribution of antibiotic in the cement.


Implantable with bone cement.


Partial weight-bearing and functional use of the limb (must be fully assessed on an individual patient basis).


Improved quality of life between surgeries.


Shorter hospitalisation.


Lower costs per treatment.



8 Hip Sizes Available:


Stem Type

Head Diameter (mm)

Stem Length (mm) Angle °
Muller Type 56 48 N/A 130 133°
Charnley Type 56 48 40 130



3 Knee Sizes Available:


Sizes (mm) 58 65 79
Surface Diameter (mm) 54 60



All Knee Spacers Available in either Right or Left Model for the best possible fit and results



Shoulder Spacers


Our shoulder spacer is a temporary implanted spacer that aids in the treatment of infected shoulder prosthesis. The method is used in tow stages: in the first stage, the infected prosthesis is removed and the spacer is placed. In the second stage, once the infection cures the spacer is removed and the definitive prosthesis is positioned in its place.


Effective antibiotic release 'in-situ', with high local concentration.


Prevents humerus proximal migration.


It prevents tissue retraction, thus facilitating further revision and re-implantation surgery.


Simplification of the revision surgery.


Keeps shoulder's muscular function.


The only spacer which permits the temporary insertion of the rotator cuff, to prevent its retraction.


Patient early rehabilitation: joint movement is maintained.


Higher quality of life between surgical stages.


Available in two sizes: H40 and H48


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